Blank Pages and A Clean Slate

That’s what we love about January, the idea of starting fresh.

Did you buy a new planner?

I have new blank pages for 2013.

Blank Pages and Organization

Blank Pages and Organization

But I also always like the feel of starting anew in September when school begins.  I always want a new box of crayons when I see all of the school supplies out!

Now for the resolutions…I usually set a goal instead. The focus is a positive shift in my life.

My goals this year include understanding Quickbooks, streamlining my schedule, and finishing the organization process in my house. By the way, I found the organization book UNDER some other books. It resurfaced for the New year!

I will continue to read one new book a month. No reason to give up that goal, it’s been rolling over for the past few years. I gave up on losing 10 pounds and going to the gym years ago! I guess I’ll exercise my mind instead. Although, I really should go to the gym, we’ll see!

What’s your goal for 2013?

2 thoughts on “Blank Pages and A Clean Slate

  1. Yes to new planners! This year I’m using a lovely one by May books. But, each fall I am tempted to switch to a new planner on the academic schedule. This year I’m going to resist the temptation!

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