Turkey Time

Turkey Figure Border

It’s Turkey Time! I love to have turkeys out during the fall.

Taxidermied Turkey IMG_3656

The Great American Turkey is the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving celebration.

Audubon Turkey_MG_2496_2

Mr. Audubon loved the turkey so much, he made him Plate #1 of his Birds of America series.

Turkey wc IMG_0208

My mom’s watercolor turkey greeting card.


Wild Turkey

Another favorite turkey!



Our fall favorites include, pumpkins, squash, apples, and Louisiana satsumas.


Curl up with a piece of pie tomorrow and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pumpkin pie for breakfast is totally ok, it’s a vegetable! I have been lucky enough to see the  parade several times in person. It is such a treat, especially  with a turkey sandwich from Carnegie Deli afterwards!

Thank you to all of our followers, Thanksgiving marks the second anniversary of our On The Wall Blog. Thank you for following and commenting. We love to hear from you, keep it coming!


Marvelous Golden Botanical


Marvelous Golden Botanical 

A remarkable addition to any collection!

A chromolithograph print by Van Houtte printed in Paris, circa 1860.

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